Little Bear


To schedule and appointment to surrender your guinea pig, please call 720-235-2492.

Please complete both a Surrender and Questionnaire Form and bring them with you.

Click here for the Surrender Form

Click here for the Questionnaire Form

There is a $25 surrender care fee for the first guinea pig surrendered, $10 for the second, and $5 for the third.

Cavy Care Inc. is a true NO KILL shelter.

Many shelters must practice euthanasia because of space limitations or budget restraints. These shelters will only take animals that are good adoptable candidates and "Claim" they are a no kill shelter -in truth they are not taking any type of animal that may not be adoptable because of behavior issues or medical issues.

We take guinea pigs no matter what their condition is, if we have the space. We provide sanctuary care if they are unadoptable for medical problems or are advanced in age. We provide care until they are able to be adopted, whatever the case.

"We never break up families where ever possible."

It is our policy to not break up families, pairs, or whatever the configuration when they are surrendered. When the time is right they find the right home together. The guinea pigs welfare comes first.

Where ever possible we will attempt to keep the original names of the guinea pig as they came in to us with, but remember the new owner more than likely are going to change their names just as "you" gave them names when you brought them home.

If you wish to know if your guinea pig was adopted your are more than welcome to call and we can only tell you if they have been or not; no other information will be given out. Once you have surrendered your guinea pig they become our responsibility and only our responsibly. You will no long have any say in their placement, so please make sure this is what you want to do. Once you have surrendered to Cavy Care Inc you will not be able to adopt from us in the future.

"We are never going to hassle you about having to surrender your guinea pig!"

We are not going to hassle you about surrendering, ask questions of you or make you feel bad because you are giving up this animal. You are doing the responsible thing by bring them to a shelter instead of dumping them. Please call to make an appointment. We would hate to miss you.