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Cavy Info is where you will find answers to all your questions about cavies!

Cavy Basics is where you will find general information on the care of guinea pigs.

New Owner Shopping List is a list of all the items you need when getting your first guinea pig!

Map of Guinea Pig Shelters is a map of current guinea pig shelters. If you know of a shelter that isn't on this map or are a shelter that wants to be listed, please email

Cavy Friendly Vets is a list of vets with experience dealing with guinea pigs.

Cavy Breeds has all the breeds of guinea pigs.

Cavy Insurance has information if you are looking for insurance for your guinea pig.

Cavy FAQ has other questions we have been asked that are not covered in the other sections.
The Care of Cavies
Cavy Basics
Shopping List for a New Owner
Cavy Friendly Vets
General Cavy Information
Cavy Breeds
Cavy Insurance
Cavy FAQ


Sex: Male
Age: 4 years 3 months
Breed: American Smooth Coat

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