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Staffed by volunteers, Cavy Care Inc. has one ideal: to make a difference one guinea pig at a time.

CCI is the collaboration of like minded people wishing to make a difference in the rescue and placement of unwanted guinea pigs in the community. CCI offers adoption, surrender, sanctuary, boarding and education to those needing assistance with their guinea pig. Licensed by the State of Colorado as a private shelter and recognized as a 501c3 charity by the IRS, donations are 100% tax deductible.

Our Goals:

To provide shelter, rehabilitation, care and adoption services for surrendered guinea pigs, entrusted to our care.
To facilitate the transfer of guinea pigs by animal shelters who do not have room, facilities or time to offer for guinea pigs.
To facilitate the surrender of guinea pigs by owners who are no longer able to provide adequate care for their cavies.

Why do we have so many guinea pigs for adoption?

The main reasons guinea pigs are surrendered are loss of interest or allergies!

Typically guinea pigs are bought from local stores at four weeks old. By the time they are six to twelve months old, the kids have lost interest in them and the parents are not prepared to be responsible for the guinea pigs after that point. This results in the guinea pigs being sent to local animal shelters where they sit as no one thinks to look for them there. They often face euthanasia. That is why our organization was created.

CCI is the only licensed no kill private shelter in the Denver metro area dedicated to guinea pigs. There are other shelters who practice an open door policy meaning they take in anything needing to be surrendered, but CCI is who they call to take those guinea pigs when they don't have room or time to house those guinea pigs surrendered to them. We are contract with most local shelters including to those in Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and have taken large rescues from as far as Minot, North Dakota and Silicon Valley California.

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets. They very rarely bring baggage with them from their former homes. They bond at any age, four weeks or four years, it is the personality of the animal that makes the bond. Guinea pigs live very much in the now and not in the past. They are easy to re-bond with a new family in most cases. They are great because they do not require walks, their cages are easily cleaned, they are intelligent, snuggle and identify with owners very quickly.

"Time to make a difference!"

CCI has been lucky to have placed over 7000 guinea pigs since 1998. YOU made that possible. YOU made a difference one guinea pig at a time and thank you. Any one can go to the pet store to buy a guinea pig, but YOU didn't.


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Sex: Male
Age: 5 years 2 months
Breed: American Smooth Coat

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